Long Time No Talk

Hello to the new followers and people that knew me from my old blog! I took an extended break from Social Media, and in that time deactivated my old blog and it was taken over.

So here we are, almost a year since I have blogged. So many new things are happening for me, well for everyone. We are in the middle of a pandemic, I am running again, along with learning to cycle. I figured I would start with a blog updating on what I am up to and some upcoming goals for. If you don’t know me, I am a mom, wife, average athlete, and a drug addiction and suicide survivor. I

Let’s start with what I have been up to, since my break and what led up to my break. So what is new, well I started a new job about a year ago. I absolutely love it, and can see a lot of growth potential. Which was the reason for my change. It was at this time, I was feeling overwhelmed. I was trying to run a business, and to be honest I just wasn’t getting what I needed from it. So I decided that it wasn’t worth the bandwidth it was taking from me.

It was about this time, that I also started having some joint pain issues, leading me to to not do as much running. So I started gaining weight back, that I started ignoring my nutrition because that is how I express my depression. I saw the sign, and realized I needed a break from social media. Too much pressure and not enough me focus.

These were the best choices that I could make. I took the time, focused on me and figured out what was most important to me.

So here were are today. It has been about 6 months, as I figured out how to work at home full time and take care of the kiddos. I am finding a balance that works for me and have jumped back into my fitness. I recently joined Peloton on the app and purchased a less expensive spin bike. This give me even more community to lean on and really work on myself. I am running, biking, and yogaing (Haha yes I know that one isn’t a word)

I hope this is a reminder to do what you need in life, to be your best you. That doesn’t mean a perfect you. It means the you that is healthy, and taking care of yourself.

So as I move forward, I would love to have you give me a follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Peloton—> KatyC0430! Let’s ride these waves together and cheer each other on.

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